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In thoughts and reality known Rattihalli, located adjacent to the Kumadvati River in Hirekerur Taluk - Haveri (Dharwar) District. Suited in the world map in between 14° 25' latitude, 75° 35' longitude. Out of 126 villages in Hirekerur taluk Rattihalli is the biggest town. The population of this town is more than 13,000 (Thirteen Thousands). This is town is adjacent to Western Ghats.

Rattihalli was very famous in the Era of Banvasi Kadambas and Rashtrakoota Emperors. From the Rashtrakoota emperors this town was now as "Rashtrapalli". Then the name was Rattipalli. Final this was known as Rattihalli.

After that in 17th century Haidar Ali from Mysure capture this town with help of leader Fazallula. Then from the Rulars of Mysore, Peshwa Family's Madhav Rao was fought and won this town. This war was known as Rattihalli - Anvatti War in the history. Even today you can see the laydown fort & river around the Rattihalli.
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